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SMark Mobile Lens

Front lens for mobile phones to check SMark labeled products


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The Core Technology

An SMark Security Label consists of a Unique Identification Label (UIL) and a QR code.

The basis of the technology is the UIL, a special foil which guarantees security through it's micrometer scale and manufacturing technology which makes it impossible to reproduce any foils even with the same equipment.

The other pillar of the guaranteed security is the manufacturer's electronic signature. SMark uses the globally trusted public key infrastructure.


During the manufacturing process the manufacturer places the SMark Security Label on the product containing all essential information, this way a labeled product reaches the consumers.

Additionally the secure label contains information about:
- product origin
- manufacturing date
- serial number
- other information that the manufacturer embeds in the label


When you want to check a product you just take a picture of the QR code from the secure label then one picture from the UIL with the SMark Mobile Lens on your phone and after a few seconds you can be certain if the product is original or not.

Product verification can be performed by multiple devices:
- Mobile Phone (Android and iOS applications)
- Special industrial reader

SMark brand protection

If you want to protect your brand with SMark or if you want to know more about the technology don't hesitate to get in touch with our sales department.

Your products need protection?

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Supported Product Types

Service parts, oils

Car service parts, motor oils etc...


Alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, mineral water, etc...

Electronic products

Electronic chips, mobile phones, electronic accessories etc...

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion products, shueses, bags, clothes, accessories etc...


Foods, honey, etc...


Medicines boxes, and other pharmaticual products, etc...


Banknotes, passport, id cards, etc...

Tobacco products

Cigarette and other tobaco product boxes, etc...